Knowledgeable Business Counsel Focused on Your Goals

Houston Business Law Attorney

It's often said that being a jack of all trades means you are a master of none. We take this saying to heart at Massey Law Firm PLLC because we believe that the only true way for us to help you make smart, educated decisions about your business legal matters is to completely focus on the litigation of business and commercial law.

For more than 20 years, attorney Dwaine Massey has helped business owners throughout the Houston area and surrounding communities in Texas with a wide variety of business and commercial matters. He knows business law — knows its intricacies — and he knows the best ways to resolve disputes and issues quickly, effectively and favorably.

Big Firm Experience, Small Firm Attention

Business owners throughout Texas turn to big firms for their experience and ability to tackle even the most complex matters. But more often than not, when dealing with big law firms, business owners end up feeling more like a number than a person.

At Massey Law Firm PLLC, we believe experience and personalized attention should go hand in hand. With our firm, you will work one-on-one with a highly experienced attorney who will use his business and accounting background to find the small details that could make the difference between a minor win and a major victory.

We Offer More Than Guidance — We Provide Solutions

Whether you need help resolving a business dispute, addressing breach of contract, dissolving or selling a business, or preparing your case for litigation, we will help you make informed decisions about legal matters to ensure that you are truly getting the best possible outcome.

Our law firm prides itself on looking at each case anew and finding solutions that best align with your goals, business needs and best interests — not those of another company or business owner. You know your business best, which is why we won't pursue a course of action unless it's truly what you want.