Aiding You Throughout The Dissolution Process

While there are numerous things business owners in Texas need to take care of before getting their business entities off the ground, dissolving a business often requires even more attention to detail, especially when it comes to fulfilling legal obligations. Careful consideration is also required when dividing assets and liabilities and terminating business relationships.

By taking a proactive approach to dissolving your business entity, you can lessen the amount of time it takes to bring your business to a close. Additionally, with the right counsel at your side, you can also reduce the likelihood of facing legal conflicts now or even years down the road.

If you attempt to save money by dissolving your enterprise without knowledgeable legal counsel, you may lose these initial savings should you need to take legal action later. In Houston, cost-conscious business owners and operators rely on Massey Law Firm PLLC for straightforward solutions for their dissolution issues.

Our founding attorney, Dwaine M. Massey, has practiced business law in Texas for over 20 years. As an experienced litigator for business concerns, Mr. Massey can identify the course of action that would best serve your business dissolution. Partnering with our legal team will help you complete required tasks efficiently so that you can move on to your next endeavor.

Identifying The Most Effective Course Of Action

Whether you operate a sole proprietorship or share your business with a partner, members or shareholders you have a range of options available to facilitate this procedure.

The following are the most common forms of distribution when it comes to a shared business:

  • Buyouts
  • Co-ownership
  • Selling the business
  • Developing a buy-sell agreement

Our firm can help you determine which option works best for you, your business partners and your enterprise.

Contemplating A Dissolution? Speak With A Skilled Business Attorney Today.

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