Answers To Common Business Litigation Questions

Massey Law Firm PLLC is dedicated to protecting you and your best interests. Below, find answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs). Please note that this is not meant to be read as advice for your specific matter or to constitute an attorney-client relationship.

When Should I Get A Litigation Lawyer Involved?

The answer to this question really depends on your situation. The simple answer is that if you think you might need a lawyer — either because you believe you've been treated unfairly or you're facing a legal issue you don't know how to effectively handle on your own — then you should contact an experienced attorney right away.

Seeking legal representation to resolve a business or commercial dispute is important because a skilled, experienced business lawyer can distill things into easy-to-understand language as well as walk you through every step of the litigation process. We will take the time to learn your business, at least to the extent we can understand not only your legal, but your business, needs as well. Attorney Dwaine M. Massey has over 20 years of experience handling business disputes. He is an accomplished litigator who has seen litigation drag on for months because parties simply wanted to point fingers at one another instead of resolving matters quickly and effectively.

At our firm, we try to resolve disputes quickly because we know how damaging prolonged litigation can be to a business. Oftentimes, we can look to a business or contract agreement to give us the answers we need to find a favorable resolution. When contracts are worded poorly or details are missing, we are not afraid to take matters to court for litigation or to seek injunctive relief in order to maintain the status quo until matters can be resolved.

What Are The Big Mistakes That New Business Owners Make That Lead To Legal Headaches?

Although it may be tempting to trust others to fulfill their promises without documenting the agreed-upon obligations, it is wise to put all agreements in writing. Oral contracts are not as easy to prosecute or to defend as written contracts.

In addition to saving contracts, it's important to retain other documents and correspondence that fill in the gaps of the parties' agreement.

It may be intimidating to take steps to engage in legal action. However, if you don't confront an issue when it initially unfolds, problems can grow in size and complexity. It is rare for a problem to dissipate on its own.

What Misconceptions Do Business Owners Have About Litigation?

Clients are often surprised by the time and financial commitment it takes to litigate a claim in court. Commercial litigation is a complicated and time-consuming endeavor. At the end of the process, one party may beat the other in court, but it is important to understand how litigation can affect all parties involved, financially and emotionally.

When you are considering litigation, it is wise to recognize the long-term impact of this form of dispute resolution.

How Do I Protect My Business From Being Sued?

There are a number of contracts any business owner can draft to protect themselves and their best interests. These include non-compete contracts, nondisclosure agreements, partnership contracts, and contracts between you and any third-party supplier or vendor. However, even with these contracts in place, you may still encounter disputes. These are best handled through litigation or arbitration by a skilled Houston contract dispute lawyer. While our practice is 100 percent litigation, we are associated with skilled business transaction attorneys who can help with your drafting needs on the front end to minimize the need for our services at the back end.

I've Been Unfairly Treated By A Company. What Can I Do?

As a consumer, you are provided with certain protections under Texas and federal law. You are entitled to a reasonable expectation of safety, as well as a reasonable expectation that companies will perform to their advertised standards. When a business fails to live up to their promises, you may have legal recourse. From fraud and deceptive trade practices to holding companies accountable for misrepresentation, Massey Law Firm PLLC can advocate for you.

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