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The basics of fraudulent misrepresentation

When you run a business in Texas, making contracts is just one important aspect of your work. Sometimes, though, you may encounter a situation when you established a contract based on information you later leaned was wrong. We at Massey Law Firm, PLLC, understand how important it is for you to know what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

Fraudulent misrepresentation concerns any type of falsehood involved in a business deal. FindLaw says that this misrepresentation can include situations when someone remains silent when you discuss a business arrangement, leading you to think that you both have the same understanding about the arrangement. This can also include times when someone says or writes wrong information. When you realize that someone misrepresented a business deal, you sometimes may simply choose to end the contract. While you might want the other company to compensate your business, this may not always be possible. You typically need to prove that your business was harmed because you trusted the other company's representation of a situation.

Misrepresentation can come in many forms. People may commit negligent misrepresentation if they did not attempt to make sure that your business always had the correct information about the business arrangement. Sometimes misrepresentation can occur if a company made reckless statements, making you think that the business connection would be valuable.

Fraudulent misrepresentation is a serious issue when it occurs. It can sometimes keep you from honoring your business commitments to your customers, as well as take your time and attention away from your company. More information about this subject can be found on our webpage.

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