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What purpose does a non-compete agreement serve?

Navigating the legalities of running a business can be enough to give anyone a stressful time. This is why certain documents, laws, or aids exist to help you avoid some of the biggest pitfalls in business. Non-compete agreements can fall under useful tools, and when used properly, it might even protect your business in the future.

The Legal Dictionary defines non-compete agreements as contractual obligations signed by an employee that disallows them from acting in a way that would aid any competing business. The parameters of the contract can vary vastly from job to job. In some, for example, a worker might be disallowed from doing any other paid work in their current field. This might mean a photographer is unable to do paid photoshoots if they aren't sponsored by their company, or that a content creator can't work for two companies doing the same kind of content at the same time.

The duration of these contracts can also vary greatly. Some contracts might end as soon as the employee no longer works for your company. In other situations, the non-compete agreement might last for a set amount of years regardless of whether or not the person who signed it is still employed.

It's up to you and your employees to work together on non-compete agreements so that they understand exactly what is expected of them. When the contract and what it entails is clear, there are fewer chances of a disgruntled employee trying to start legal troubles over it. If you're in a situation in which a signed non-compete agreement is being called into question, you may benefit from the help of an attorney who specializes in business litigation and contracts.

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