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What is tortious interference?

Competition can be healthy, but it may also bring out the worst in Texas business owners. If a competitor seeks to damage or impair your business relationship with others by improper means, the competitor's behavior may fall under the category of tortious interference.

What is a restraint of trade?

Texan business owners and entrepreneurs will have to deal with a number of hurdles as their business grows. Some may be easier to anticipate or handle than others, but they can all be a headache. For example, you might find yourself facing unfair situations that could actually restrict or damage your business.

What is commercial disparagement?

When you work to build your business, it can be frustrating when someone can undermine your profitability with a few negligent words. If those words are, essentially, a smear campaign with no basis in fact, you may wonder what recourse you have to not only combat this issue, but recover damages from economic losses caused by a person, persons or entity making disparaging remarks about your business. So what are your options to pursue this in Texas courts?

The basics of fraudulent misrepresentation

When you run a business in Texas, making contracts is just one important aspect of your work. Sometimes, though, you may encounter a situation when you established a contract based on information you later leaned was wrong. We at Massey Law Firm, PLLC, understand how important it is for you to know what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

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