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When do I need a non-disclosure agreement?

For Houston business owners, information is king. That’s why you must take the proper steps to safeguard your most valuable information, which is exactly the type of protection a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) affords. Entrepreneur offers a few situations when you should absolutely have an NDA drafted to protect your business interests.

When your business partner breaches a contract

Entering into a Texas business partnership involves a certain level of trust, but in some cases, partnerships that once thrived and helped further your company’s best interests can turn sour. At Massey Law Firm PLLC, we understand how potentially damaging it can be to your business when a partner breaches a contract, and we have helped many people facing similar scenarios pursue recourse after a business partnership contract breach.

What is a failure of disclosure?

Texan business owners have a duty to fulfill any contract that they sign into. Many actions can be considered a breach of contract, though. This includes any potential failure to disclose information, knowledge, or other key pieces that are crucial to fulfilling the contract.

Important elements for a partnership agreement

If you are looking to start a new business in Texas with one or more other people and plan to establish it as a partnership, you will want to know how to create a good contract that protects not just each of you individually but also your new business. Entering into a partnership in a business setting is in some ways like entering into a marital partnership. It requires that both parties openly discuss what can at times be difficult topics but if you do this, you and your business will be better off down the road.

How an NDA may help your business

If you are the owner, manager or executive of a company in Texas you will likely be interested in knowing how you can ensure your business' confidential information can be secured and protected. There may well be data that your competitors would love to have access to that you need to keep secret. You may also have regulatory requirements on what you can share with who, when and why. These are just some of the reasons you may want to develop and use nondisclosure agreements in a variety of situations including with some of your employees.

What purpose does a non-compete agreement serve?

Navigating the legalities of running a business can be enough to give anyone a stressful time. This is why certain documents, laws, or aids exist to help you avoid some of the biggest pitfalls in business. Non-compete agreements can fall under useful tools, and when used properly, it might even protect your business in the future.

Where do contract disputes arise from?

Texan contracting laws can be finicky and difficult to read or navigate. For that reason, contract disputes often happen despite how much care you may take to avoid it. This is where Massey Law Firm can step in to help you out, even in the most complex of contracting situations.

When can I sue for breach of contract?

As a business owner, you work tirelessly to keep your business going. Part of the management of the business includes maintaining contracts with staff, vendors and other third parties with whom you conduct day-to-day operations. The contracts ensure that the financial arrangement and other expectations are clear to both parties.

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