Business Torts Including Tortious Interference And Fraudulent Inducement
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Defending Your Interests In Business Tort Cases

In Houston’s competitive business environment, business owners benefit when they actively seek out options for growth or innovation. They refuse to let current achievements encourage complacency. When proprietors use unlawful actions to give themselves an edge, however, their negligent or deliberate activities can cause long-term harm to your enterprise.

Such is the case with business torts. Business torts are civil wrongs punishable by money damages or injunctive relief as opposed to crimes punishable by fines and incarceration. While there are several types of common torts, it takes an uncommon skill set to successfully hold those responsible accountable for these acts. When your business is losing clients or opportunities due to a competitor’s action, you need a zealous advocate to protect your long-term interests.

At Massey Law Firm, our legal professionals use the law to safeguard our business clients’ livelihoods. Our lead attorney, Dwaine Massey has practiced business law for over 20 years. Previous to his service as a lawyer, he worked as a senior auditor for the international accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. Drawing in his experience as a former CPA, trial lawyer Massey ably crafts litigation strategies that produce favorable results.

Seeking Damages for Your Economic Losses

Attorney Massey represents small and mid-size business owners seeking compensation for complicated tort cases such as:

These unlawful actions can be committed by employees or competitors. If an employee or professional you hired caused you undue financial losses through fraud, negligence or failure to take action, the court may award damages in your favor. If a competitor deliberately directed business away from you or enticed someone to break a contract with you, you may have recourse.

In these and other situations, your entity’s viability may depend on the retaining qualified counsel.


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