Commercial Lease Disputes
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Handling Commercial Lease Disputes

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The commercial landlord-tenant relationship is uneasy alliance. The legislature has allowed private parties to outline the parameters of their relationship by contract. But the contracts rarely speak to every potential dispute that might arise. Sometimes years into a relationship an issue or incident comes up that was not contemplated by either party at lease commencement. Sometimes the parties can work things out among themselves. Sometimes counsel must get involved.

Massey Law Firm, has extensive experience in the trial of commercial lease disputes, having represented both commercial property owners and tenant businesses. Regardless of whether we represent landlords or tenants, we try to resolve disputes peaceably and cost-effectively, while always preparing for court. Trial should be last resort. But, because parties sometimes quickly move past the point of wanting to mend fences and salvage their relationship, it makes sense to be prepared to litigate from day one.

Experience Resolving Commercial Landlord-Tenant Lease Disputes

In 20-plus years of experience, the Massey Law Firm, has addressed a wide variety of commercial lease scenarios, including:

  • Past-due rent
  • Lease violations
  • Property damage

For landlords, we pursue collection of rent owed by tenants, negotiation of arrears, eviction proceedings or post-eviction judgments, and liens. For tenants we also provide guidance including the negotiation of payment and other arrangements, defending against alleged violations or wrongful eviction and renegotiating the terms of lease contracts.

The earlier we get involved, the better we can protect your interests and help you make informed decisions. To arrange a confidential consultation with our skilled Houston commercial lease dispute attorneys, call us at 346-800-6101 or send us a message online.