Employment Disputes Involving Covenants Not to Compete
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Using Non-competes to Retain Your Competitive Edge

Astute business owners understand that it’s not only outside factors that threaten a company’s viability; former employees entrusted with valuable information can cause irreparable damage if they share this knowledge with competitors. This is why Texas employers may require their workers to sign a covenant not to compete.

The non-compete agreement allows a business to share information with employees about its practices, marketing programs or other proprietary matters, free from concerns that it will later face unfair competition from someone it trusted. If an employee or contractor doesn’t adhere to the terms of this agreement after exiting your company, your business may lose its competitive edge.

When your proactive methods fail to safeguard your interests, it is necessary to engage aggressively. Our legal team at Massey Law Firm can help you take the appropriate legal action to minimize the impact of this breach of contract. Our lead attorney, Dwaine Massey, has represented owners and operators throughout the Houston metro for more than 20 years in business litigation matters such as:

  • Breach of noncompete contract
  • Theft of trade secrets or other proprietary information

Non-solicitation Litigation

A related area of commercial employment litigation is non-solicitation litigation. If a former employee threatens the health of your business by attempting to directly entice your customers away, you may be able to take legal action to defend your interests.

This is especially important if the offending party is using confidential client lists or pricing information obtained during their employment with you. By filing a business tort lawsuit, you can attempt to put an end to the situation and you might also be able to secure an injunction to prevent your competitor from benefiting from stolen information.

Experience Matters When You Need to Protect Your Business

At Massey Law Firm, we have the resources, energy and means necessary to protect your business interests. Take the first step today by scheduling your case review. Dial 346-800-6101 or message us online.