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Addressing Partnership Conflicts

From Dwaine’s interview for the Masters of the Courtroom series on

Business partners and investors normally enter new business ventures with a high level of optimism and excitement over the prospect of expansion and growth. Sometimes things do not work out as planned.

Unfortunately, it is common for disputes to arise that interrupt or halt the progress of the enterprise. In the absence of a carefully defined partnership agreement that fully anticipates any possible problems, you may have to resort to litigation in order to settle a serious disagreement between you and a partner.

For over two decades, Houston business owners have benefited from the astute legal counsel we provide at Massey Law Firm. Guided by our lead attorney, Dwaine Massey, our legal team designs a course of action that is tailored to your unique circumstances. Mr. Massey is an accomplished trial lawyer and has tried over 25 cases to verdict.

Developing Targeted Litigation Strategies to Resolve Intricate Disputes

Our firm’s primary focus is business and commercial matters. As a result, we have the skill set to handle a variety of partnership concerns, including:

  • Disputes over voting interests
  • Fiduciary duty claims
  • Liquidation and dissolution issues
  • Breach of the partnership agreement
  • Violation of nondisclosure agreements (NDAs)

As a result of his substantial litigation experience, Mr. Massey efficiently navigates this complex process, minimizing the impact a partnership dispute has on your business operations.

If at all possible, our legal professionals can help you resolve the issues and preserve the partnership. But you should also be prepared to carry out legal action to the end of protecting your personal interests. We can help with that.

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